Felony by Norma A. Wyman

four stars

felonyThis thrilling tale follows a large cast of characters whose lives are all connected more than they could ever realize. Felony is a story about family and the lengths one will go to protect the people that are most important. The novel is centered on Laura Mitchell, a college student who is still reeling from the loss of her parents. Her life then takes another dramatic turn when she is stunned again by the sudden death of her twin sister. Scared of her brother-in-law Max Bertolini and his questionable business practices, she decides to disappear with her newborn niece to start a new life. Six years later, going by Laura McKenzie and posing her niece as her daughter Benjii, the past begins to catch up with her. When Benjii is kidnapped from school, Laura goes out on her own to find her. Realizing it is the only way she will find Benjii, Laura must stop hiding and finally face her past. As the title implies, there is much at stake for the characters in this book, as twist after twist in this complex tale takes them by surprise.

An intricate web of characters in Felony proves just how small the world really is. Time jumps allow us to meet our main characters at pivotal times in their lives before they become involved in the central storyline. Max Bertolini about to repeat history, and Laura Mitchell consumed by loss, each make decisions which set this story on its path. The characters are pushed by their own motives as they get pulled deeper and deeper into the conflict between Max and Laura. Laura Mitchell proves to be a brave protagonist fighting for a happy ending despite all of the loss in her life. Short chapters help readers keep up with the quick pace, though the large cast of characters involved can sometimes make the storyline a bit confusing. The author successfully builds pressure on all sides for our characters and reaches a tipping point with Benjii’s kidnapping. This story of love and loss keeps the audience guessing before reaching the final conclusion.

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