Finally Out of the Bedroom by Shedrick Barnett

Finally Out of the Bedroom is a collection of nearly one hundred poems written by Shedrick Barnett that chronicle the highs and lows of what it means to be human. Separated into six different sections, Praying in the Bedroom, Making Love in the Bedroom, Sharing Wisdom in the Bedroom, Mirror Moments in the Bedroom, Reminiscing in the Bedroom, and Venting in the Bedroom, that focus on the poets relationship with God, his love life, learning to deal with the trials of life, finding inner peace, looking back on the past, and coming to terms with himself respectively, this collection is rather vast in its scope. The title of the collection, which also happens to be the introductory poem that brings readers into the book speaks of the poet’s joy that his written words are finally being released so that they may reach the hearts and minds of those who come across his work.

Nearly all of the poems are about one page long, and the form of short lined stanzas appears again and again. The poet also seems to really enjoy using rhyme in his poems, which can be enjoyable to read, but also gets to be a repetitive after a while. We would like to see Barnett change his form a bit more to showcase the different styles he is capable of writing. This book is nicely organized and progresses in a pleasing manner, the poet showcasing the variety of topics he is skilled at writing about in verse. As is mentioned many times in the book, Barnett is aiming to Share Humane Experiences Devoutly (S.H.E.D.), and it is clear that he has achieved that here.