Finding Philosophy by Greg Damico

Who said that academics can’t have a little fun? Greg Damico’s archaic narrative of a post-graduate student, Finding Philosophy, offers a glimpse into collegiate nerd culture and an honest look at self-realization. Tony Greco is hopelessly devoted to philosophy, however the witty intellectual is more of a Brewhouse Lecturer than a true academic, but that’s youth. Let a guy relax, right? However, Greco finds his life in shambles after a series of disastrous events and must locate his inner Aristotle in order to overcome his irrational fears.  The future can be frightening, especially when you don’t know your place.

The prose of Greg Damico is smart, stylized and on point. The exposition on philosophy becomes a bit esoteric at times, but helps round out the likeable main character, as one can imagine Tony Greco talking philosophy at breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Some Google celebrities, Tony Googles Descartes. The author shines in the middle sections when he drops the “Intellectual With A Bottle” clichés and dives into the mental turmoil of Greco. The average reader may not fully identify with Aristotle, but will connect with TG’s feelings of self-doubt and personal loss.  Finding Philosophy is a brisk read and probably worth a second look due to the philosophic gems introduced by Damico. Although the characters slowly take shape, a little more development would have been beneficial.  We want Finding Philosophy II! There is much more to learn about Tony Greco.