Fiona the Flamingo by JB Heart

Fiona the Flamingo: Princess for the Day by JB Heart

fionaFiona the Flamingo: Princess for the Day written by JB Heart and illustrated by Higgenbotham is a short children’s novel that pairs together a fun story with important ideas, like what it means to believe in yourself. Our main character Fiona decides to enter the Princess for the Day competition, and gets a little more than she bargained for. Fiona is not just your average flamingo, as she is a rodeo barrel-riding cowgirl who travels around the country with her horse Misty to wherever rodeos are held. She loves adventure, and also seems to have a love-interest in another flamingo named Fitz, who she recently met at a rodeo in Texas. With this backstory and being introduced to Fitz and his family at the beginning of the book, we quickly move into the tale at hand, as the pageant begins and Fiona has to prove her worth. Is she special enough to stand out from the other girls, and will her talent impress the judges? You will have to read to find out!

This is a very entertaining book, for obvious reasons, as it is unlikely you have ever read about a flamingo who likes to go to rodeos entering a beauty contest before. JB Heart’s vivid imagination has created a fun and engaging book for young readers to dive into. While this is the first flamingo book that focuses on Fiona, Fitz has appeared in many of his own titles that have come before this one. The entire series seems to be one that young readers would be excited to read. Fiona the Flamingo is perfect for those kids who are over picture books and ready for a longer, more challenging read.

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