Flight of No Return by Mike Paull


flightFlight of No Return is the third and final book in the Brett Raven Trilogy written by Mike Paull.  From the moment a reader’s eyes make contact with the prologue, he or she won’t be able to put the Flight of No Return down.  Paull kicks off this final book in the series with a murder in a New York City hotel room.  Readers quickly come to realize that Raven’s wife has been kidnapped by her former husband and Raven’s former business partner.  JT Talbot wants his money back – the money he stole from the insurance company and Raven stole back to return to the rightful owner.  Talbot devises a plan to kidnap Annie, Raven’s wife, and threaten the lives of their unborn twins if Raven doesn’t comply or involves the police.  Raven is forced to fly his private plane to odd places and across the country, but avoiding police involvement is nearly impossible.  Raven calls upon his old friends to help him try and save Annie and avoid the police, but in doing so he puts himself in a precarious situation that is downright illegal.  At one point he even lands in jail for a few hours, but he has to decide whether or not working with the NYC detectives will help him or further endanger his wife and babies.

Mike Paull gracefully moves the story back and forth over the course of about a seven month period to help readers see a bigger picture of how and why the kidnapping took place.  He dives into the emotions and soul deep reasons as to why Talbot wants revenge on Dr. Brett Raven, but he also makes it easy to grasp that Talbot isn’t likely a violent man.  Readers will experience a wealth of curiosity as the puzzle pieces of Flight of No Return begin to come together, but there will only be little fear for Annie’s or the babies’ lives.  An absolutely intriguing suspense, Flight of No Return, is written in a way that will keep readers minds swirling and engaged while feeling an emotional connection to nearly all of the characters.  Whether or not one has read the first two books in the Brett Raven Trilogy, Flight of No Return will pull them in and expand their hearts and minds with an entertaining and relaxing read.

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