Follow the Rain by Firouz Hejazi


In the book Follow the Rain by Firouz Hejazi, Fred, his brother Jimmy, and Jimmy’s girlfriend Ashleigh are headed to Mobile, Alabama to be closer to Ashleigh’s parents.  This is the story of the adventures they have along the way and how a young girl they call Jabaala comes to be a part of their journey, impacting all of their lives.  As the group travels south toward Mobile, Fred meets several women that he considers sharing his life with, as well as a few other interesting and colorful characters along the way.  When they reach the New Orleans area, they are forced to stay in the Super Dome because of terrible weather.  It is during their stay there that Fred crosses paths with a little girl who has no parents around to look out for her.  Fred gives her the name Jabaala and makes the decision to take over as her guardian.

The most difficult part of reading this book is that it seems most every sentence has some sort of misspelling or misuse of grammar.  While in the book it is explained that English is not the first language of the narrator, it becomes somewhat tedious to read and filter through all the mistakes.  The characters are all likable and the plot is able to capture attention despite this, but it is a shame how much the poor grammar ends up detracting from the story.  The reader does find themselves truly hoping that Jabaala is able to become a permanent part of Fred’s life by the end of the book, though, and it is an uplifting and captivating read.