For Gods and For Men by James Johnson

In Ancient Rome, Marcus Tegerius Castimus finds out that he is immortal. This cosmic realization sends him on a quest to save the world from an unjust plan that a group of individuals called the Lifebloods had put into order many years before. With the help of a mixed assortment of unlikely individuals, Castimus journeys onward through villages, castles, and forests, coming into contact with multiple forays of dismay that aim to stop him. When interests on either side of his own morality aim to sway him towards their cause, Castimus has to choose between helping the Lifebloods and living a life of privilege and power, or fighting to save humanity from being wiped out. Choosing the right thing doesn’t come easily, as Castimus falls into the trap that the Lifebloods have set up for him, one that he has to fight against with all of his will in order to survive.

James Johnson creates a visually stunning adventure in his debut novel, For Gods and For Men, painting an expressive world with the words he chooses for the reader to witness. The dilemma his main character is put in creates a fast paced tale that makes the story progress nicely, as twists and turns come at every suspenseful corner. Castimus, the immortal center point of this tale, is fully developed, as are the supporting characters that come to his aid, and those that fight against him. This book was so rich with action and adventure there could easily be many more novels and journeys for Castimus to venture on. For Gods and For Men is an epic tale set in a mythological version of the ancient times we thought we once knew.

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