For One Nen by Capri S Bard

For One Nen by Capri S. Bard

For One Nen by Capri S. Bard is a science fiction novel that takes place on board a spaceship called The Egress. The ship’s inhabitants are comprised of many different species. One of the ship’s residents, Tala, discovers some dusty old books in a crate and shares this discovery with her girlfriend, Deni. When Tala and Deni catch one of the ship’s students, Teltel, listening in the garden, they ask him to join them. Eventually, Teltel invites the rest of his class to these readings. These journals turn out to tell a very different history than they ones they have been taught by their teacher. Not every villain is actually bad; in fact, he may be the hero, but certain political agendas have altered the story. Inviting students to listen to Tala’s readings leads many of them to seek out the truth. A few students even uncover unseen firsthand account videos. However, the truth is threatened by the students’ teacher and the approaching nova that is threatening to wipe out everyone onboard the ship.

For One Nen is great for those who love action and the reader who likes to try to figure out how everything fits together before the book ends. Due to the complexities of the narrative and the abundance of characters present, this cannot be classified as an easy read. The book introduces a lot of different species, who all live onboard the spaceship, so the reader should pay attention to the details presented to keep the species differentiated from each other. The plot focuses around the main storyline of the students discovering the journals and will revert to the past whenever Tala reads. In a way, this is a story inside of a story, as the narrative ebbs and flows across the page. The writing style is engaging and creative, just as the plot itself offers up plenty of ideas to ponder. For One Nen is sure to be a hit with those who love science fiction, lots of material to digest, and a book that will challenge their senses.

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