For the Love of Ellen by Carla Shaffer Evans

For the Love of Ellen by Carla Shaffer Evans is a short story, or rather, a novelette, that tells the story of a heinous crime that two elderly widows commit, causing their town to react in horror as they learn the details of just how gruesome the act of manslaughter occurred. Blanche and Nellie have to face the consequences of their crime as everyone wonders if they committed murder in self-defense or in revenge for their dear friend Ellen, or if it was due to the victim’s strange and sadistic behavior as an outsider from Texas. The story goes over the case, but in the end the reader has to decide if the conclusion has offered real justice to those involved. As you read about the decades-long friendship between the well-drawn-out female characters, and how the evil greediness of an unknown man has torn their world apart, taking them to the brink, causing their actions to overtake them just as he overtook their quiet happiness, you’ll be hooked into the plot Evans constructs with the insane turn of events that lead to an unforgettable story.

This story contemplates the bond of friendship, and shows how it can be tested to the limits in times of distress. Evans has a skill for creating a fast moving plot that will keep any reader wanting more. The scenario at hand forces the reader to ask what they would do in a similar situation if they were forced with a nightmare like the kind that happens in this story. The short length does not take away from the richness of detail included within! This is an imaginative and well put together piece of fiction that deserves to be read.

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