Fractured Dreams by Jacqueline Noel Wacaster

four stars

dreamsFractured Dreams is about Dave Caster, a former government agent now living secluded in the mountains of West Virginia with his dog. Dave goes on a routine hunting trip one day when he runs into Samantha Corbin, a young woman having trouble with her memory. Reaching out to some of his old contacts Dave tries to help Samantha understand her situation, only to discover that she is at the center of a conspiracy. He learns Samantha has been brainwashed into becoming a deadly assassin in a plot to eliminate a potential representative of the United States government. Dave is thrust back into the world he left behind as he tries to help Samantha and protect the potential representative.

Author Jacqueline Noel Wacaster has delivered an exciting suspense story of government conspiracy. With short chapter lengths and reader friendly prose, the pace of the novel is quick. Readers are able to keep up with the twisting story as they find out more about Samantha and the conspiracy. The author has created an interesting foe with the Army of Faith and their elaborate plan to create a deadly assassin with the sole purpose of killing one individual. This is an engaging story about trust, family, and friendship with plenty of surprises along the way, ensuring that readers will be drawn in right to the very end.

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