Frankie’s Angel by Lisa Dekis

When seven-year-old Frankie loses her mother unexpectedly, she feels like the entire world is crumbling around her. In the short novella ‘Frankie’s Angel’ by Lisa Dekis, the reader is confronted with the story of a young girl who struggles to deal with the death of the person she was closest with. From the funeral and on, Frankie withdraws into herself, not wanting to face others, or the reality that the world has handed her. Luckily for Frankie, a guardian angel comes to her rescue, who is able to guide her towards a life where she will refuse to give up. The angel’s words litter the page, but the question arises within the reader: ‘Is Frankie’s angel a true angel, or just a mere figment of her imagination that she has created to cope with the loss of her mother?’ This novel contemplates the agony a young girl is faced with when dealt such a detrimental blow to her understanding of life, all the while giving hope that in time, things will find a way to go on, and be okay.

This novella is described as being ‘a child’s tale of loss and recovery,’ and it is just that, as it succeeds in capturing the true essence of how a child would deal with death. Dekis herself explains that she too, like Frankie, lost her mother at a young age, and it is apparent from the love that she pours into the character of this brazen young girl with fiery red hair that she has created. The story is an enjoyable read overall, however some issues that were brought up could have been expanded upon. The ending is mildly abrupt, but it leaves the reader wanting to know more about what will happen to Frankie, which the author plans to reveal in later works. All in all, this is a well-written tale about how sometimes in order to overcome the loss of death, the youngest of souls must dream in unusual ways in order to move on.

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