Free Agent by Rennie Curran

In the memoir, ‘Free Agent’ author Rennie Curran tells the story of his love for playing football, and all of the adversity that has come along with achieving his dream to play the sport professionally. After an impressive career as an All-American linebacker at the University of Georgia, Rennie was drafted by the Tennessee Titans in the third round of the NFL draft in 2010. After one season with the Titans, Curran was released, but that fact alone did not stop him from continuing to pursue his dream, with strength and humility, refusing to give up just because hardship had come his way. Curran’s story is not just about football, rather, it is the story of his life growing up as the son of Liberian immigrants, witnessing the struggles his parents had to undergo in order to give him the kind of life they never had. His words give advice on how to deal with the bumps in the road that we all come across, and how to overcome them with modesty and grace.

The reason this book succeeds so well is because its mission from the very beginning is to do more than just tell the story about a professional football player and how he got to the spot where he is today. Elements from Curran’s life are infused within every page, the components of his journey causing the story to float higher than it would if this book were just a strict account of what football means to him. Curran’s anecdotes about persevering and never giving up are inspirational and can apply to any reader’s life. This memoir is well crafted and straightforward, delivering insight to all who have achieved their dream before, and then lost it, only to strive on, reaffirming that the dream will one day be obtained again.

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