Freedom Quest by M S La Voy Sr.

four stars

freedomFreedom Quest by M S La Voy Sr., set in Richmond, Virginia, in 1872, follows the trials and tribulations of three separate families who are seeking better lives amidst the fallout of the turbulent Reconstruction Era. As the novel’s title suggests, the brunt of the narrative centers on these families’ journey on the way to literal as well as figurative freedom. First among the families that readers will encounter on this extended journey are the Brooks. Headed by James and Sally, the Brooks family have two children and a faithful dog they refuse to leave behind on their cross-country excursion. The second family introduced in the novel, the Summers family, is led by Zach Summers, a former Captain in the Confederate Army during the Civil War, and his wife, Joan. They, too, have two children. The final family, the Adams family, comprises Mr. Mac Adams and Buck and Rose—who had formerly been called Centarosa Contros and Shobuk Contros respectively on the slave ship that brought them to the United States. All three of the families start their journeys full of hope and promise. Along the way, they encounter various difficulties that challenge those notions, but they never dash them. Though they come across many dangerous hazards, they never relent. They forge their paths and find their way to liberty in the end.

Broken up into short chapters that give an intimate glimpse into the lives of the respective families, Freedom Quest explores what it means to be a family, what it means to strive for what you believe in, and ultimately, how far the human spirit will go to feel free. Through the challenges and travels, the novel aims to impart undeniable wisdom, and even though it is set in 1872, those lessons ring universally true to this day. Freedom Quest further examines interpersonal relationships and family dynamics in an historically fictional context. Their joint 1,600-mile westward trip to Colorado Springs delves deeply into some of the most universal human experiences. If family-centric relational dramas set in the exciting post-Civil War years interest you, be sure to check out Freedom Quest by M S La Voy Sr. Its sincere nature and introspective windows into the past and into human nature itself make this novel undoubtedly worth reading at least once. Additionally, this particular novel includes a Twentieth Anniversary bonus book for further exploration.

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