Friends and Heroes by Hilary Hawkes

four stars

A story about four children who all have their own family issues, Friends and Heroes, is a short novel for young children written by Hilary Hawkes. The narrative follows Al, Lauren, Gary and Josh, who group together to find their way in the world. Al’s mother is disabled, Lauren’s mom is suffering from a crippling bout of depression, Gary longs for a normal family, while Josh just wants to belong. Through their time together, they end up becoming witnesses to a crime, that leads them towards the kinds of situations they never though they would have to face. Making the hard decisions together, the four kids realize that being friends with one another is what matters the most. Through the support they give one another, Al, Lauren, Gary and Josh realize how important friendship really is.

Hilary Hawkes has written an impressive number of books that deal with mental illnesses and how they affect the lives of children, and Friends and Heroes can be considered another beneficial addition to her collection of work. She paints a realistic picture of four very different children and weaves their lives together in a poetic and entertaining way. Young readers will enjoy the suspense and surprises that this story has to offer them. With four main protagonists to follow, there is someone for everyone to relate with, even if the children reading do not have the same problems with the characters on the page. This novel shows that even in times of hardship, it is possible to get by and be happy with the help of your friends.

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