Frizzy the S.A.D. Elf by Dorothea Jensen

The 2014 Red City Review Book Awards First Prize Winner – Young Adult/Children’s

Frizzy the S.A.D. Elf, written by Dorothea Jensen and illustrated by Shayne Hood tells the story of a young female elf named Frizzy who works for Santa at the North Pole. At the beginning of the story we find her depressed on Christmas morning, as she is sad that all of the dolls she has made for the children are now gone, as they have been delivered as presents. Frizzy goes to the Elfgym to blow off some steam as she hopes that Santa can find a new job for her. In the gym, she runs into her friend Dizzy who explains to her that she is feeling so low due to S.A.D. which stands for Seasonal Affective Distress, a malady that comes along as Christmas occurs and then passes. With Santa’s permission Frizzy decides to start making monster trucks, as she feels she won’t become attached to them and then be depressed when she has to see them go. After starting working on making monster trucks, Frizzy soon decides she wants to help the other elves to beautify them, by giving them makeovers to improve their appearances. Even though Frizzy is pleased with the makeovers she performs, the other elves are not satisfied with their new looks. She thus has to stop dolling up her friends, and decides to make her monster trucks pretty instead. It’s not long before little boys everywhere start receiving monster trucks that are too beautiful for them to handle. Boys no longer want monster trucks, but little girls start requesting them more and more. In the end, Frizzy finds happiness in her new job, causing her to no longer be S.A.D.

This is a highly original and wonderfully developed children’s book that is sure to be a big hit around the holidays. Including elements that will appeal to young girls and boys alike, Jensen’s narrative rhymes the whole way through, creating a plot the paces itself while creating playful sentences that move it along. The rhymes do not seem forced and fit into the story perfectly. The illustrations are also a highlight, as the large full color images are superbly done, with depth and details that lets us see Frizzy and her other elf friends displayed upon the page. By coming up with a creative and engaging story, Jensen has succeeded at crafting a memorable Christmas story for children that is so good it’s possible it will be enjoyed year round.

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