From the Break to the Breakthrough by Monica Ceasar


From the Break to the Breakthrough by Monica Ceasar is a book about the power of having God in your life. It focuses a lot on being positive and moving forward through the hard times that life throws at you. The author uses a few of her own life experiences, such as a break-up and not getting a job, to show how it is possible with God’s help to move past similar set-backs. The book is filled with familiar metaphors that the author uses to portray how a person should remain positive and never stop trying in life.

The book is constantly giving advice such as don’t waste your love on someone who is not loving you back, cut negative people out of your life who will kill your dreams, and be sure to think at least one positive thought per day. While the suggestions are fine, someone who is going through any sort of extreme adversity may find that the words fall somewhat short and don’t apply well to their own life. The book is meant for a Christian audience, so anyone with another religious background would have trouble enjoying it. For a person who is Christian though, the book could serve as a nice reminder that God should be a central part of their lives, and should be considered and trusted in every aspect of it. It reminds the reader that life was not meant to be perfect, but with some faith and prayer better days are around the corner.