Future Awakes in Mouth of Now by Gerda Govine Ituarte

four stars

mouthA collection of poetry that digs deep beneath what is seen every day and explores the inner-workings of the soul, Gerda Govine Ituarte’s Future Awakes in Mouth of Now is a book of multifaceted poetry that is sure to surprise and delight. By constantly changing her form, verse structure, and voice, we get a full picture of this poet, one who is delving into her past, trying to gain an understanding of life’s journey through the use of her lyrics and words. Ituarte ponders over ideas of life and death, family and friendship, and space and time. Her poems offer a sense of place, while also creating a kind of surrealism as she aims to explain the force that pulls one from birth, through each of their days, until this mortal passage comes to an end. Short poems like Distracted and Sleep Awake are brief, but still strong enough to pack an emotional punch, while longer pieces like Tea Party and Neighbor Hood Rewind reveal more of the personal parts of the poet’s life.

It’s always refreshing to read work by a poet who is not afraid to change their form, shifting lines, ideas, and phrases across the page in unique ways. Future Awakes in Mouth of Now succeeds at offering a wide variety of poetry, while also keeping a consistent theme across the collection from piece to piece. It is clear from the passion that bleeds from the page that Ituarte is an experienced writer, who has used her power with words to cope with many a situation. It’s books like these that make us realize that the power of writing is so important, not only to tell a story, but to provide relief for the writer themselves, in a manner that allows their one-of-a-kind perspective to be shown.