Gagged and Bound by Nick Jones

Gagged and Bound by Nick Jones


Gagged and Bound, described by author Nick Jones as being full of over five hundred original gags including puns, one-liners, and dad jokes, includes a variety of content that will be sure to make you laugh. While some jokes are more miniature stories that go on for a few pages, others are brief one liners that deliver their wit quickly. There are even illustrations that offer up jokes to the reader through their artwork and composition. This book would best be used as a gift to a lover of comedy, or used as a coffee table book to entertain guests. Jones succeeds in offering a wide variety of content, covering such topics as bar jokes, family jokes, jokes about animals, occupations, men and women, and much more!

Although there are a lot of entertaining jokes in here, they don’t seem to be organized in any particular way. Many will find this to be amusing, as you never know what kind of joke is going to come along next, but for some readers, it may leave them wanting more. The book could be improved by sorting the jokes into categories or sections, allowing the reader to find the kinds of jokes that they find the most comical. We’d also love to see the entertaining illustrations by Tiffany Sheely come to life in color, as they are only presented in black and white here. All in all, this is a very funny book, and could be even better with just a few minor tweaks.

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