Gertie the Goose by Kelly Scott McWilliams


Gertie the Goose is a rhyming children’s book by Kelly Scott McWilliams that follows a flustered goose named Gertie who is frustrated with the terrible weather conditions on Chesapeake Bay during the fall and winter months. As Gertie discusses this with her friends, included a swan, a duck, and some hens, they tell her to not forget about the beautiful conditions in the spring and summer. Gertie is too perturbed to remember the good times, as her mind is set on escaping the frigid temperatures. As she flies away, Gertie’s friends remind her that all places are special, even if at times they seem to lose their glow. Gertie finds a nice lake on her flight south, and decides to stay for a while, enjoying the warmer weather and the scrumptious bugs. After a while though Gertie grows bored, and feels she deserves something more. At her next destination Gertie meets a colorful flamingo named Claude, and although this spot seems very nice, Gertie is still not satisfied. Since every place has been nicer than the last, she decides to keep going, convinced that the next place will only be better than before. In the end, Gertie returns back to Chesapeake, where she realizes she had it good in the first place!

The rhyming narration of this story makes it fun and easy to read. The edition we reviewed did not have illustrations, but we can imagine with added artwork the entire book will truly shine. The story goes to show that sometimes your home may not seem all that special, but when you travel and experience new places, no matter how good they may seem, there is nothing quite like the place you come from. McWilliams has done a good job creating a story that easily flows and teaches children a lesson, while entertaining them with Gertie’s adventures at the same time.