Ghost by Mike Worley

A murder mystery that starts off with a husband finding his wife brutally slain in their apartment, ‘Ghost’ by Mike Worley is a gripping case of whodunit. This is the fourth book in the series of Angela Masters Detective Novels, but the story itself stands alone as a thrilling tale of murder and betrayal. Angela is a fully developed and likable lead character, a strong and beautiful blonde woman in her late thirties. She has to be tough, as an officer in the violent crimes unit, but that doesn’t mean her potency is impenetrable. As she searches for the killer, the ghost who comes and kills women seemingly at random, only to vanish without a trace, Angela has to face her own demons in order to solve the case.

The author has a background in criminal law enforcement, and it is clear from the way the scenes depicting the case are described so intensely rooted in reality. Nevertheless, the journey to find the killer, although it goes cold for more than a year, is always hot on the pages of this novel, causing the reader to try to figure out who is the culprit before Angela herself even has the chance to. The suspense builds from chapter to chapter, culminating in an unexpected reveal at the end of the narrative that will shock the reader through and through. Worley clearly has a knack for developing a concise and chilling crime drama, and with his latest book, ‘Ghost,’ this sentiment remains true.

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