Go to Sleep by Marion Adams

Go to Sleep! by Marion Adams


5152q8Ca2KL._SX398_BO1,204,203,200_Go to Sleep! written by Marion Adams and illustrated by Sarah-Leigh Wills is a children’s picture book about a young sheep named Tansy who finds it hard to fall asleep one evening when the rest of her flock is snoozing the night away. When she asks her mother for advice on how to fall asleep, she tells her to think of all the things she likes. We quickly learn that Tansy likes a lot of things, like munching on sweet green grass, playing with her sister Teasel, and feeling the warm sun on her back. When thinking of these nice things still don’t help Tansy fall asleep, she asks her sister Teasel for advice, but taking deep breaths doesn’t work either. Finally, a barn owl flying overhead tells Tansy to count sheep, which she quickly does, only to find that it appears as if one sheep is missing from the flock. Quickly the whole gang of sheep are awakened as the others try to see if a sheep is indeed missing. Soon it’s revealed that Tansy simply forgot to count herself, and from all the commotion that ensued, she’d gotten rather sleepy, finally falling into a deep slumber as all the other sheep are now wide awake.

This is a charming short story that children are sure to enjoy, especially before bedtime as it is the perfect story for an evening when a young one doesn’t feel as tired as they perhaps should. The suggestion of the owl telling Tansy, a sheep, to count sheep, is rather comical, since this is known to be a tactic parents sometimes tell their children when struggling to fall asleep. The illustrations by Sarah-Leigh Wills are extremely well done, as they are both vibrant and timeless, creating a vintage-like look for the book that is sure to stand the test of time. Overall, this is a well-executed story in both its written content and colorful illustrations that readers of all ages will greatly enjoy.

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