God’s Only Savior by John Turnbull

God’s Only Savior: The Holy Spirit that Dwells in Everyone by John Turnbull is a meticulously crafted work that is the product of many years of careful research. After the death of Turnbull’s wife in 1982, Turnbull focuses his eyes inward, upon himself, and begins a spiritual journey in search of answers and clarity. Turnbull delicately dissects and breaks down the chapters of the bible, noting the differences that exist between the multiple versions of the bible, such as the spelling of names, dates of events, and even varying parallel stories. Turnbull then uses secondary resources, such as the dead sea scrolls and the Damascus Documents, to bring as much truth and light to each chapter as possible. As much as Turnbull began his journey as a man of the Christian faith, he researches with the eyes of a scientist, noting the significance of even the smallest detail and slowly revealing the roots of Christianity and his belief that all people will eventually be saved through an Ultimate Reality.

Turnbull’s work should not be expected to be an easy read, especially for those who are not already very familiar with the doctrine of Christianity, the chapters of the bible, and various biblical figures. Nevertheless, Turnbull dissects many of the big ideas we all wonder about in an interesting and readable way, contemplating how the main beliefs of Christianity came to be. One should begin reading knowing that some questions will be given answers, some questions will not, and new questions will arise in the process.

God’s Only Savior has not yet been released, look out for it soon!