Good Girls Don’t by Patti Hawn

Exploring the real life story of what it was like to give birth as an unwed teenage mother in the 1950s, author and Los Angeles film publicist Patti Hawn has written an affecting and heart wrenching memoir, her debut book, entitled Good Girls Don’t. The sister of famous movie star, Goldie Hawn, Patti finds herself contemplating many difficult options on what to do when she finds out that her high school boyfriend has gotten her pregnant. In an era when sex education was not taught, and abortions were still illegal, the only real option Patti has is to have the baby in secret, and give it up for adoption as soon as it is born. Although the memoir focuses a lot on this aspect of Patti’s life, the narrative goes on from here, as it explore the other trials and tribulations that Patti undergoes throughout her life, finding more pain and finally happiness along the way. After many years, Patti searches for the son she gave up, and reconnects with him, bringing back a piece of her life that she believed was gone for good. This memoir delves deeply within the author’s consciousness, as she explores on the page what it is like to live a life filled with so many hard choices regarding those you love.

The reason this memoir succeeds so thoroughly at what it sets out to do is because Patti has the ability to capture the humanity of everyone she writes about, including herself. This is not an easy story to read, nor was it one to live, but through the elements of a family saga, a self-discovery tale, and a timeline of events filled with secrets and redemption, Patti has constructed an engrossing read that will stay with you. She tells about her life in an honest and upfront way, which causes the reader to sympathize with the struggles she has gone through. Which, in the end, also elicits a great deal of joy by the book’s conclusion, when you realize that things have worked themselves out, and that the author has found peace with the way things have gone. This is a profound memoir that you don’t want to miss.

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