Gospels From Life by Felix Guerrero


Gospels from Life is a short philosophical novel by Felix Guerrero that follows a young boy named Leonard as he grows up and experiences all of life’s trials and tribulations. The pace of the story moves at a nice steady rate even though it is short enough to be considered a novella. Leonard loves to go fishing down by the river with his brothers even though his parents do not permit them to do so, thus they must go in secret. When his teacher encourages him to follow his desires and dreams, Leonard strives for what he wishes for, giving him the courage to stand up for himself and move forward with his childhood. There is a strong philosophical overtone to the entire manuscript, as the introduction to the book explains that all human life is guided by founding principles ingrained within culture and practices that do not always align with the spirits that surround us.

Even though the focus of the story is on young Leonard, the author offers a lot of inspiring anecdotes that can be applied to humanity at large. If you are the kind of reader who likes books that make you think and ponder about the meaning of life, then this is the kind of book you would enjoy. It is a sort of fable that offers morals through the experiences that Leonard goes through. That being said, the title of the book is somewhat misleading, as it is not overly religious in nature. The dialogue between characters can sometimes be jarring, and does not always come off naturally as if two people are speaking, but overall, the characters do have a lot of heart.