Graffiti on the Window by Alexej Savreux


Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 10.27.25 AMA spellbinding collection of approximately one hundred poems, Alexej Savreux’s Graffiti on the Window searches for answers through well-constructed prose. Split into two parts ‘Spray Gold Upon the City aka Spraypaint’ and ‘Artistique aka Oils’ the poems included here are reminiscent of more formal ones created hundreds of years ago. Savreux has a very strong poetic voice that carries on throughout the book, as his words alternate and then sway, contemplating gods above, the chaotic world that surrounds us, and the people we find ourselves commiserating with. The poems often discuss God and the afterlife, while trying to discover the true meaning of art and the human existence. The poems vary in length, with many falling under a half page, while others are only a few single lines. Certain poems like ‘She is a 21 Year Old Mother’ tell stories, following specific characters in their stanzas, while others like ‘Sun, Only Star, Our Cave of Men’ don’t so as much tell a specific story, instead recounting a kind of atmosphere in order to elicit the reader to feel something.

One of the most impressive things about this collection is the way Savreux has constructed his pieces, his tone and thematic elements continuing throughout the book, his language maintaining its strong voice. There are not many people who could write in this elegant, yet haunting manner. That being said, this is certainly a very particular kind of poetry book, and it might not appeal to everyone, at least not at first. We encourage you to dive into what the poet has put together, as you move forward, piece by piece, his words will start to make more sense, as his painted multi-colored graffiti comes to you in the form of finely original poems.