Green Eyes by Jonathan Gardner

Jonathan Gardner takes you on a twisting, winding, and magical journey in times far older than our modern era. His book, Green Eyes, opens with a young woman who is shunned by her community. Selene, the young woman, is exceptionally different from everyone around her. She does not understand why other than the fact that she has dazzling green eyes. Every other person she knows has brown eyes, until one day a stranger comes to her community, different from the rest. This secretive, cloaked individual has vibrant blue eyes. Unbeknownst to Selene, he knows secrets about her. Selene’s father has sacrificed much of his life to protect her, and has always thought it was best to keep those deep dark secrets well hidden even from Selene herself. You will soon wonder if this stranger, Jared, is a friend or foe. You will soon discover that he might just be a hero that Selene will ultimately come to rely on to save her life and help her uncover the truth about her, her past, and her future.

The twists and turns in this science fiction fantasy novel keep you guessing from the beginning all the way through to the very end. Gardner opens doors for evil to abound upon the pages of Green Eyes. With an elegant craftiness he shares a captivating story that explores the beautiful, but naïve life, of Selene. Sorcery, ghosts from the past, lives lost, beings sent by the ultimate Creator keep you in a constant state of suspense. Gardner’s Green Eyes is the first book in the Kalashonian duology. Though it is a relatively long book more than likely it is one you will not want to put down. On top of that, you will be anxiously awaiting the second book in this duology. With a unique concept regarding the color of one’s eyes, Jonathan Gardner has done a wonderful job writing a magical fantasy that will have you taking a second look at the eyes of everyone you meet.

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