Hard Reign by DC Geiser

four stars

51SgKqtNBsL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Damian Stone has battled his whole life against the demons of his past.  The product of a young, misguided mother and an emotionally abusive father who skipped out on the first few years of his childhood, Damian has been pushed to his limits – and now he’s taken things into his own hands.  During a tour with his hard rock band, Damian meets the mother of his future son, Tristan, though circumstances tear the family apart and Damian his robbed of the ability to be a father to his child.  When Tristan his killed in a car crash, Damian truly hits rock bottom and depression clouds his vision so that taking his own life seems to be the only way he’ll see his son again.  But when family intervenes, Damian may just have been given a second chance to live again.

With clarity and articulate writing, Geiser’s story perfectly captures both the pains and pleasures of having a family.  Once that great love has been found, it can feel like agony to have it suddenly wrenched away from us, which explains why Damian finds himself losing consciousness on his bathroom floor, bereft and hopeless.  Hard Reign uses a well-crafted split narrative that jumps between Damian’s current state while also telling the story of his life: his beginnings at home, travels with the band, and his family’s own start.  Strong musical themes make this a great choice for rock lovers, and young fathers will enjoy the main character’s connection with his son.

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