Harebrained by Meg Myers Morgan

harebrainedHarebrained: It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time is the memoir of Meg Myers Morgan, a professor, graduate student, mother, and wife with a quirky sense of humor and a collection of hilarious experiences. In her collection of essays, Morgan comically captures the hectic life of a working mother struggling to get her family ready for the day while answering the demanding questions asked by her curious three year old daughter. Each page of this memoir will leave any reader laughing out loud from start to finish.

Morgan is a lovable narrator with the gift of story telling, and it is evident through the depiction of her hilarious life adventures, such as, her experience working as a mascot, and her very first bikini wax at age 30. She also details the strange quirks about herself that really show why the title Harebrained is just so fitting for this collection of essays. With her down-to-earth, sometimes a bit vulgar language, Morgan is never failing to entertain the reader with her relatable struggles and side splitting commentary. Whether she is telling about her confusion between right and left, or explaining the unconditional love of her husband who puts up with her bedside pile of dried up contacts, Morgan is sure to have readers fall in love with her hilariously harebrained personality! Harebrained is a lighthearted read that is a definite page turner. It is clear why Morgan decided to put her hilariously unique life on paper, to share her many misadventures with fun loving readers who enjoy a good laugh.

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