Headrush by Timothy Francis Millson


headrushA brief collection of thirteen pieces of stream-of-consciousness prose, Headrush by Timothy Francis Millson chronicles the scattered thoughts of the author. As noted at the beginning of the book, the author states that he “reserves the right to become completely and utterly insane.” Millson certainly has a lot of ideas, and portrays them in meandering ways in pieces throughout this collection. The prose poems are sometimes only a page, while others are longer, presenting ideas, feelings, thoughts, turmoil, and recollections of what has come before, and what has yet to transpire. The way the pieces are written makes it feel as if Millson uses writing as a form of therapy, getting all of his thoughts out onto the blank page, allowing his ideas to come out in an unfiltered and raw manner.

While there is a lot to admire about how forthcoming these pieces are about the inner workings of the author’s mind, the intense stream-of-consciousness writing is often rather hard to follow at times. It is clear these are meant to be some sort of poetic-prose hybrids, so every sentence can be taken with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, even in a poetic form, you want your words to join together to present a complete and comprehensible message. The pieces here are almost experimental in nature, and some readers will enjoy their unique perspectives. Since the volume is so short, it’s easy to get through it in one sitting, and you will certainly have a lot to ponder over after filtering through Millson’s words.

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