Heart of Stone by Dakota Willink


heartOn the surface, Krystina Cole appears to be your average recent college graduate. She is working at Wally’s, the local mom and pop grocery store, while searching for the job that will use her degree and keep her afloat in New York City. However, underneath her smiling exterior, Krys is a different person with her fair share of dark secrets, troubling memories, and a heart that she tries to keep as closed as possible. Then she meets Alexander Stone, a potential buyer for the grocery store, the owner of the successful Stone Enterprise, and a perfectly sculpted model of a man, just reeking of sex appeal and money. As their two worlds collide and become intertwined, they push each other’s boundaries, both physically and emotionally, and Alex begins to teach Krystina about compromise, boundaries, and BDSM. In a sexual arrangement that needs to be so based in trust, it is hard to tell if their relationship will survive the dark pasts that have hidden their hearts away.

Heart of Stone by Dakota Willink is a story of overcoming the past, welcoming the future, and embracing sexuality in all of its forms. While the characters are rather predictable and one-dimensional, their dialogue has a natural flow and their sexual encounters are steamy. Heart of Stone has a storyline and characters that are almost too similar to those of Fifty Shades of Grey, but as part of a series, there is opportunity for growth in both the characters and the plot. If you enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey, then Heart of Stone could be the next book to keep you entertained for an afternoon or give you ideas for your next romp in the bedroom.

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