Helen the Transartist: The West Pole by Anita Stairs-Oberlick


helenHelen the Transartist: The West Pole begins its story where the first of the series left off. After Helen learned of her abilities and made herself a new home in the Fifth Dimensions in the East Pole, Helen has begun to devise a plan with Erin (her Cupid friend) to find her parents and to bring them to safety. Though Helen is unsure of their whereabouts, or even if they are indeed still alive, Helen and Erin are certain that they remain in the West Pole, along with six other Transartists that never returned from their journey to the other land. When a few of the Transartists gain word that the evil Queen Narcissa of the East Pole has been defeated, they devise a plan to escape to the East Pole and to transport back to their families. When only four of the Transartists return, it is made clear to Helen and the others in the town that Helen’s parents are still alive, yet still stuck in the West Pole. When an opportunity presents itself in the form of a guaranteed roundtrip ship ride to and from the West Pole, as well as a chance to become “captors” of Narcissa’s sister, Hoardella, Helen and a group of friends seize the opportunity and set off to rescue Helen’s parents. Armed with information from the escaped Transartists, the inside knowledge from Helen’s parents, and the various skills of Helen’s assembled team, a successful trip seems eminent – but how many obstacles will they encounter along the way?

In Helen the Transartist: the West Pole, Anita Stairs-Oberlick creates a world that is fully developed, from the background scenery of the towns through which the characters pass to the action of the scenes that the reader is experiencing on their journey through the novel. Each character has its own developed voice and characteristics, allowing the readers to discern between the characters easily and flawlessly. The story that is created is one that incorporates elements form both childhood and adulthood, and is a story that could be enjoyed by readers of all ages. Young readers will relate to Helen and to her friends, and will be able to connect their experiences with hers. Older readers will be able to relate to the parents of Helen and to the various supporting characters throughout the story. Overall, the novel that Anita Stairs-Oberlick created was one of adventure, heart, originality, and fantasy – and certainly one that will be enjoyed by all.

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