Helena’s Vendetta by Mario Fenech

helenaHelena’s Vendetta is a novel primarily about the main characters Edward and Helena. The book begins by divulging the history of Edward’s family and childhood, but most of the story revolves around Edward as a young man and his relationship with Helena. Edward is wealthy man, whose money was acquired from an inheritance given to him through his father’s criminal organization. Edward is unaware of his father’s unlawful activities and believes his wealth came from a successful real estate business. Helena is also wealthy, but feels her life and money to be constantly threatened by her abusive stepfather Dominic. The novel has many twists in the plot, and whether or not the young lovers Helena and Edward will end up together is just one of the questions the reader hopes to see answered as he or she finishes the book.

This book is particularly fun to read, and because it remains so interesting the whole way through, the holes in the plot aren’t as bothersome as they could be. Part of what makes the story fun are the same things that make it implausible, such as simple disguises or a change in hairstyle making characters unrecognizable to other characters who know them. Things like a secret passageway that Edward remembers conveniently right when he needs one, and the way Helena fakes her death also make for fun and interesting reading despite not being very realistic. Towards the beginning of the book, both Helena and Edward are portrayed with an innocence that makes them extremely endearing characters, and throughout the story the reader wants to discover what their fate will be.

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