Here, There, Everywhere by Peter Dunkley

Here, There, Everywhere by Peter Dunkley

Finding love, running with bulls, and taking community baths are just a few adventures in Peter Dunkley’s Here, There, Everywhere: A Travel Writer’s Memories. This intriguing book not only has the wit to keep its audience entertained, but the intelligence and depth that make it an honest representation of history and culture. Dunkley takes his readers through the natural landscapes and concrete jungles of the world to places as far as Bombay, Burma, and the Andorra mountains. Dunkley is a born traveler and writer whose career path has led him to always be moving and challenging himself, creating fun and enlightening stories for readers. This educational memoir will teach readers about the customs, beliefs, and ever changing and developing societies around the globe.

Here, There, Everywhere focuses on positive experiences, some of which stem from unfortunate events. Each chapter gives a glimpse of one meaningful period in time for Dunkley, making the book easy to read and explore. Although concentrated with a high volume of settings and experiences discussed, some sections do not contain as much detail or explain the locations thoroughly enough to unfamiliar audiences. This book is good to enjoy over a long period of time due to it having a reflective quality and varying settings. Dunkley’s writing is well put together, albeit somewhat dense, and is a very effective introduction to new areas of the world. Although the memoir lacks a fully satisfying climax, every chapter provides the reader with moments of excitement and drama. This is a great book for travel readers and global historians who enjoy a good laugh.

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