Here’s Your Host by Andy Martello

four stars

hostAuthor and professional game show host Andy Martello reveals what makes a great host in this informative and entertaining book. Here’s Your Host: Insights and Interviews with Game Show Greats takes an in-depth look into how television hosting has changed and evolved over the decades, to where it remains as a kind of dying profession today. With over thirty years of experience as an entertainer who has worked under the glittering lights of the Las Vegas Strip, Martello is a knowledgeable artist, performer, and host who shares stories, anecdotes, and tricks of the trade that are sure to be helpful to anyone who might be interested in becoming a host for a game show or talk show alike. Famous hosts are profiled, interviewing styles are compared and contrasted, and certain well-known entertainers are even interviewed inside the book. Ranging from the likes of Joey Fatone to Jerry Springer to George Gray and Todd Newton, there are an abundance of personalities to learn about as you read this account of what it means to be a great host.

The book starts out by introducing the author, Andy Martello, and his experiences in the entertainment industry. We get to know about his background and the kinds of places he’s worked in, as well as what makes him so passionate about hosting. The narrative then moves along to a conversation with Richard Lawrence, who has worked with some of the biggest names in the business. Each subsequent chapter focuses on a famous host like Jerry Springer, Joey Fatone, Pat Finn, and Marc Summers, just to name a few. Each host then discusses what it takes to be a great host, their strengths and weaknesses, contestants, influences, and favorite moments. It’s interesting to learn about these entertainment professionals and get insight from what they think about hosting. Regardless of whether or not you have any interest in being a host, this book would appeal to anyone who is interested in game shows or the television industry.

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