Hopeless Reign by Dove Winters


reignGinny is a lot things, but she’s definitely not queen material. She’s never wanted to be queen, and frankly, no one really wants her to be either. Her younger brother, Vian, is much better suited for the throne. Ginny would rather spend her time drinking mead and dancing into the early hours of the morning with her friends. But after a tragic turn of events, she has no choice but to take the crown. Her land is in turmoil and she has no idea who she can trust, but what she does know is that Vian must be saved so their people can have the king they deserve. However, what she doesn’t realize is that she might be exactly what the country needs to survive. And in order to ensure her people’s safety, she may just have to give herself over to the enemy.

Ginny is your typical young and reckless female protagonist. She’s strong willed and a little too quick to speak. At times her actions are predictable, as she falls victim to the YA tropes we’re all so used to seeing. Yet on the whole, she is a well-developed character. She responds to the dangers her country is facing and proves she has matured enough to be trusted, both by her people and the reader. At the beginning of the novel, it seems clear how the rest of the story will play out, but Dove Winters knows how to keep the reader on the edge of their seat. At times the action is too fast paced, but on the whole the novel is well written and intriguing. Hopeless Reign delivers a gripping tale of friendship, courage and loyalty (or the lack thereof).

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