Hot to Trot by Linda Cousine

four stars

Linda Cousine’s sharp wit and bluntly honest writing truly come to life in her novel about the immensely interesting life of a fifty-something ex-super model. In Hot to Trot, Lexi Taylor seems to have it all: rocking body (underneath all of the Spanx, of course), gorgeous husband (if you ignore their divorce), and the fabulous job that makes her a millionaire (if you ignore the substandard quality of the product). As Lexi is getting ready to really enjoy her money, her husband, and the years that are supposed to be some of the most relaxing and meaningful of her life, she quickly discovers that being an ex-super model millionaire may not be as easy as it seems. Cousine touches on everything from the meaning of life, to motherhood, masturbation, and merkins in a novel that will have every reader laughing and shaking their head, all while rooting for Lexi to make the right choice.

While Lexi Taylor is a likeable character with many character flaws, she can, at times, be a bit much and a bit unbelievable. Okay, at times she can be way too much and very unbelievable! That being said, Hot to Trot is so much fun, while also being an insightful look into a life that is far from being over, that it does not matter that Lexi is over the top. Lexi’s story is about growing and finding herself and it just so happens that those things are much better done while wearing double heeled stilettos and designer brands, don’t you think?