I Choose You by Charles A. Bush

I Choose You by Charles A. Bush is a passionate, capturing story of true love and two people who truly choose to make their relationship a priority. Emily Robertson is a focused Yale medical student who, having lost her mother to cancer at a young age, is determined to be the best doctor she can. Jude Macavoy is your stereotypical British playboy soccer player whose life is devoted chiefly to the sport, partying, and women. These two opposites’ worlds collide when Emily’s friends surprise her with a summer trip to England. Although their relationship begins with a rocky start, eventually Jude and Emily fall in love and force each other to grow as individuals. Jude pulls Emily out of her shell, challenging her to live in the moment; while Emily centers Jude, allowing him to find calm in his otherwise overwhelming life. With the summer drawing to a close, Emily and Jude face the challenge of making their love endure despite distance, careers, school, and the temptation of an easier relationship.

Charles A. Bush does a wonderful job at bringing together two completely different characters and making their love story believable. The reader becomes invested in the characters’ relationship, cheering them on and encouraging them to face down the odds that are stacked against them. He captures the highs and lows, the euphoria and difficulties, the confidence and uncertainty of a romantic relationship. Although there are a few times when the dialogue becomes a little cheesy, it does not detract from the overall story line and may even appeal to some readers’ sentimental side.

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