I Could by E.B. Tatby


tatbyKenza Atlas thought she had a normal teenaged life. As an only child living in Omaha with somewhat nagging parents, she did not exactly sound like the best candidate for anything too exciting. But after attending a summer camp where Kenza discovers that the Moroccan myths and legends that her father told her are actually real stories that involve her, her life will be anything but normal. Hunted by an evil spirit, Mazin, Kenza must work to protect her life as she knows it, saving her family, her friends, and Ian, her soul mate. When Kenza discovers another dimension, it becomes clear that her life will be anything but boring. She is a hero, fighting the supernatural with unexpected powers, and maybe doing a little homework and tutoring in between.

I Could by E.B. Tatby is a cross between the Harry Potter series and The Chronicles of Narnia with some Moroccan legends sprinkled in for flavor. Tatby’s writing is smooth and easy, but can often feel a bit too bland and safe. The characters, while endearing, fail to really jump from the page and develop into the kind of characters who are truly unforgettable. Kenza’s modern day life entwined with ancient Moroccan legends is a promising storyline which I Could fails to completely take across the finish line. However, Tatby ends the novel on an unfinished note, so perhaps there will be another novel coming soon.

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