I Have CFS But I Don’t Look Sick by Pam Kidd

In the informative and heartbreaking book, ‘I Have CFS, But I Don’t Look Sick’ by Pam Kidd, the author brings the reader into an immersive story, that reflects both the harsh realities of how Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can affect the body, as well as the personal struggles she has been dealt with since being overtaken by CFS over twenty-two years ago. This short book starts with an introduction explaining what the symptoms of CFS are, as well as driving the point home that this illness is very often misunderstood and downplayed as not being a serious debilitating sickness. The narrative then moves forward, as Pam recounts how she first started to feel the effects of CFS, just as she becomes a new mother for the first time. The fatigue and the other symptoms such as terrible headaches, insomnia, IBS, and sensitivities to light and sound went undiagnosed for years, before Pam started to get some answers and started learning about CFS. Pam also discusses happier moments in her life, such as becoming a nurse, and the joy her children bring to her. Unfortunately, as the book goes on, the reader also finds out that both of Pam’s kids are eventually afflicted with CFS, and continue to struggle with it today.

This book succeeds in many ways, the foremost being the way that Pam ties in her own personal battle with the disease so seamlessly along information about CFS. This is done in a way that will be beneficial to anyone who has been diagnosed with CFS, or for someone who just wants to learn more about it. Coming in at just nearly a hundred pages, this is a quick read that is broken down into just four main parts. The length of the narrative fits the subject matter perfectly, and amongst the words there are even some photographs of Pam and her family, as well as their beloved pet rabbits, which are great pets for people struggling with CFS. Pam’s story is written in a fully developed and relatable way, causing the reader to sympathize with her pain and wish for her full recovery. The cover itself, which is a simple picture of Pam centered in the middle of the title offers a striking and jarring contemplation, causing the reader to wonder, how is it that this beautiful woman is so sick? Kudos to Pam Kidd for recognizing this idea, as this is the very main message of her book. All in all, this is a wonderfully executed book, that is both well organized and a joy to read. It could easily be argued that this is the best memoir out there that focuses on the devastating effects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

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