I Heard Santa by Kelly Ford


santaA creative re-imagining of the story of Santa Claus and how he became such a big part of Christmas, Kelly Ford’s I Heard Santa is a delightful children’s picture book that is sure to become a favorite for young readers. The story starts with a young boy and girl asking their mother questions about who Santa is and how he is able to deliver presents around the world in one night. The mother decides the kids are old enough to know the truth about Santa, so she tells them about how he was once a man named Nicholas who loved to give gifts to people and make them happy. As Nicholas grew older, he passed along the gift giving spirit to everyone he came in contact with. She explains how Santa got his name, and that when he became very old, his heart became a beautiful glowing light that spread the Christmas tradition of gift giving to all. The spirit of Santa is now with us every year, showing us that the best part of Christmas is to do what makes us happy, and giving love and gratitude to one another.

There are so many children’s books about Christmas out there. This one in particular is special because it brings so many elements of the Christmas spirit together, explaining the history of Santa Claus, as well as teaching children the most important parts of the holiday. The illustrations included are beautifully drawn, offering a classic vibe that makes them timeless. This book could be read before bed by a parent, or a child could read it on their own. Since it explains the truth about Santa and alludes to the fact that the “mythical” version of Santa that we tell our kids about is not entirely real, its best suited for older children. All in all, it’s a great book, a shining light amongst a sea of other Christmas picture books.

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