I Spy with my Bionic Eye by Dianne Ashworth

I Spy with My Bionic Eye by Dianne Ashworth


In I Spy with my Bionic Eye, Dianne Ashworth brings readers through the journey of her bionic eye implant – the first ever of its kind. When Dianne was diagnosed during her early 20s, her vision quickly declined into not only partial, but near-complete blindness. Limited to only strings of light wiggling through her vision, Dianne decided to take an offer to be the first to partake in the breaking research that was being completed in Australia in 2012. Throughout the narrative, Dianne retells her journey through her young adulthood, how she worked through her disability, and how she came into the opportunity to receive such an implant. Dianne retells in detail the process of the surgeries, the testing of the eye itself, and her process of adjusting to the vision that the bionic eye is able to provide.

Ashworth’s narrative as a whole is fulfilling and educational, providing full insight into the entire range of emotions that she undertook in such a journey. Readers are given a full perspective into Ashworth’s understanding of the science behind the bionic eye. The research that was being performed on Ashworth herself was detailed in such a way that a reader of any background would be able to understand. Ashworth also successfully relays her experiences through a method that those who are not impaired are able to “see” the world the way that she does, both when the world around her is in complete darkness, and when she is completing her training to visualize through the bionic eye. The writing of the narrative, however, occasionally jumped back and forth from the current situation to side-thoughts, or to flashbacks to related instances in the past. The writing style made it apparent how Ashworth wished to convey herself as a person and a personality, but in these situations it was difficult to remain interested in the “present” when it so often jumped to different thoughts. Overall, the narrative itself was not only interesting but also an incredible one to follow. To know that the world of science is progressing so rapidly and successfully is encouraging, heart-warming, and a journey that many should and would love to read.

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