I Thought There Was a Road There by Lynn Assimacopoulos

four stars

roadA collection of personal essays that functions as both a memoir and a spiritual devotional, I Thought There Was a Road There…and Other Lessons in Life From God follows the memorable moments of Lynn Assimacopoulous’ life. The stories in the book range from when her son learns to drive, to riding horses on a summer vacation, to a story that reflects back on Lynn’s time as a nursing student. These snapshots of Lynn’s life are told out of order, but they are still able to paint a rather complete picture of her life, and the kind of person she is. Through her stories and reflections, she finds strength in God, who steers her on the right path, even at times when she finds herself or other members of her family to be going in the wrong direction. At only around one hundred pages, this is a rather quick read, as each chapter is an easily digestible story that offers up an entertaining tale, and usually, a lesson.

Even though this book is not very long, it packs an emotional punch by sharing stories throughout the author’s life. Readers will feel as if they get to know Lynn and some of the other members of her family through the realistic way she describes them on the page. With the kinds of problems and struggles that any mother can face, readers will also find that these short tales are highly relatable. While the book has a religious tone and discusses the guiding power of God often, it does so in a way that is not too forceful for readers who are new to reading spiritual books, therefore making it accessible to all.

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