I Was a Teenage Father by Rashan Cole

teenageThe dos and don’ts of parenting are chronicled in Rashan Cole’s raw memoir, I Was A Teenager Father: Parenting from the Perspective of an African American, Single Parent Father. The author recalls the events leading up to the birth of his daughter and how life in Baltimore prepared him to handle the unexpected. Sixteen chapters are served up for young parents to help assist in raising a child during the digital age. Cole makes it clear that he is not an expert, but offers advice in his own unique style.

One may be pleased with Cole’s assessment of teenage pregnancy if one is able to make it all the way through I Was A Teenager Father. The conversational tone allows Cole to let his personality shine through, but not everybody will be pleased with his delivery. And he understands that. In fact, he mentions in several times. Unfortunately, the in-your-face style often distracts from the overall purpose and several references should have been cut all together, as one may walk away from I Was A Teenager Father with a little too much information about the author. The author delivers plenty of laughs in I Was A Teenager Father, but many come across as being sophomoric and unnecessary. However, in the end, Cole’s story is one that should be heard, as his old-school sensibilities will undoubtedly appeal to parents that merely want the best for their children.

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