Icarus Falling by Christopher Paul Meyer


Icarus Falling is everything that its subtitle says about itself: it’s about a nightclub bouncer, an aspiring movie star, a poor, financially suffering soul – all wrapped into one person, Christopher Meyer. Through flashbacks and through Meyer’s daily struggles, we are given a glimpse into the life of a thirty-something living in Los Angeles. From his chance at lead role on a hit show during pilot season, to his downfall and low point of possibly living out of his truck, we see the growth that is allowed (or prohibited) during the struggles of everyday life in the City of Angels. Early on in Icarus Falling, Meyer lands a position as a bouncer at a nightclub, slowly working his ways through the ranks to supervisor. Eventually, Meyer finds himself content with his lifestyle. He enjoys his job, blows off steam at ju-jitsu classes, and even finds love…that is, until his love leaves him. Meyer begins to dread working, avoids his ex, and finds himself in an endless circle of on-again-off-again confusion. The remainder of the memoir deals with Meyer and his constant desire to be the “hero” and to respond to his “bat signals” at work, encompassing himself in fights, keeping his business intact, and living through the adrenaline of a nightclub bouncer job. When the day-to-day begins to wear Meyer down, he eventually discovers the only way to relieve his stress…a discovery that is a journey from beginning to end.

In thus memoir, readers are constantly enthralled with the daily events of what it takes to be a nightclub bouncer. The stories from one day to the next of New Yorker gone Cali give readers the rush of adrenaline that Meyer himself felt every night of his life. Readers find themselves thrown into the action of the story, and are able to connect with each of the characters of the narrative in various ways. What is most exciting about the read is the connection that is formed between readers and Meyer – though he at first just appears to be “one of those LA guys,” we discover that there is a level-headed soul inside, and one that never loses sight of himself. Icarus Falling is an exciting read from the first page, and with romance, lust, action, and loss, it’s hard not to love such a true story.

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