In His Way by Rebecca Duvall

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. We’ve all heard this old saying before, though we frequently misunderstand it. It’s not to say that, when the going gets tough, the tough approach life with abandon, but, rather, that they approach it with new found dedication and a determination to find solutions… Such is the case with Rebecca Duvall, who, like many of us, found herself in a trying marriage. She’d been married before, and, when her first marriage hit the rocks, she hit the road. But, when she committed herself to her second husband, Robert, she took their vows more seriously, particularly when they were challenged. In sickness and in health, through both still and troubled waters, from infidelity to insecurity, she stuck by her husband, and he by her, and remained married, where others might very well have given up entirely. How did she do it? She found faith in God and support from His followers—and she found strength and grit within herself, which allowed her to fix what was broken and discover renewed purpose, happiness, and understanding.

In His Way by Rebecca Duvall chronicles Rebecca’s journey toward God and away from the idea of a “throwaway marriage.” An introspective and insightful memoir replete with Christian themes and thinking, it’s incredibly inspirational and uplifting and is sure to appeal to anyone who’s lost confidence in the institution of marriage, as well as to those looking for stories that shed the light of hope on otherwise bleak horizons. It reminds readers that, with God, all things are possible and that, despite what divorce rates and courtship horror stories may indicate, love and companionship are always worth saving.

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