In Search of Piétons by Bill Bolton


pietonsIn Search of Piétons: A Photo Documentary by Bill Bolton is a book that is composed of a collection of photos that display the various signs at pedestrian cross walks throughout France. The book discusses the process the author used in capturing the images in detail. Since the project was done in the days before digital cameras, it was fairly complicated for him to get clear, bright photos of the “walk” and “don’t walk” figures in the same picture. It was particularly interesting to the author that there were so many variations of these cross walk signs, or piétons, and he was quite surprised when he found over two dozen different styles of these signs.

This book does a pretty good job of making what could very easily be pretty boring subject matter into a brief work that is compelling enough to want to read it and examine the author’s photos in one sitting. Along with each picture is a link to a map of the intersection where the photo was taken, but after looking at a few of the maps, they seem like a somewhat unnecessary addition to the photo documentary. Unfortunately, the photos themselves are very simple and require little more than a brief glance to take each one in. It ends up feeling as though far too much work was put into gathering the images for a result that is largely unimpressive. While it was entertaining to learn about the author’s journey and what he went through in his search of unique cross walk signs, it is difficult not to wish that his talent and expertise had been spent photographing and writing about something else.

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