In the Howling Storm by Rich Martin


Filled with a rather risqué storyline, In the Howling Storm, has the reader wondering from the beginning just what in the heck is going on. In the first few pages, a spooky storm pops up that brings night to the daytime in the desert just up from Death Valley in California. Author, Rich Martin, offers the reader twisted and mysterious scenarios from the very beginning. Yet, Martin also fills the pages with graphic sexual content, violence and foul language. This writing style will either stimulate the reader encouraging him/her to turn the page or cause him/her to close the book and walk away. Even more, the author adds in poetry, bible verses and religious declarations from mysterious characters as well as some towns’ members that propose that those who participate in certain, sinful behaviors should be punished. With quite a few characters introduced early on there may be a bit of confusion for the reader, but if one keeps reading the main characters begin to become clearer. The main character, Jason, is one of two journalists from competing newspapers, who put forth great effort to best one another. As they try to get the best article, they dig deeper into a story of the occult and murder.

In the Howling Storm carries a religiously based murder mystery within its pages, but the writing is simplistic, and often times the narrative muddles the characters together in a way that can sometimes lead to confusion. Rich Martin’s writing makes the plot a bit difficult to follow at times. At other points, it almost feels like a corny horror film, and the next events seem blatantly obvious. When reading this story, be prepared for interesting twists and turns, but be just as prepared for an angry undercurrent.