Inside Out by Megan Loose


As Megan Loose explains in the introduction of her collection of poetry, Inside Out: Poetry Volume 1 – From Thoughts to Form, poetry is a medium in which we can express ourselves in our truest form. Poetry can reveal secrets, offer philosophical ponderings for us to wonder over, and reveal sides of us that we didn’t even know existed. Verses, when constructed carefully and with purpose, have the ability to liberate the spirit and ease the mind. As Loose explains, there is a certain “raw potential and possibility of words, of which we will never know the breadth, nor retire.” Words are endless, we have the ability to create sentences and phrases that have never even been spoken before. The poetry included here is full of longing and hope, messages of prayer and faith, as well as pieces that explore the depths of one’s soul, trying to figure out who we are through the power of words. Some poems are very short, while others run on for a page or two. With over one hundred separate works included in this collection, the lengths of poems seem to grow as you move forward in the book, with the longest poems and pieces reflecting on the poet’s life coming at the end.

Inspired by life, spirit, and people, the author “hopes to infiltrate the hearts of others in familiarity and greater understanding” through her work, and she has succeeded in doing so with her poems included here. While the pieces are never overly complicated, they still pack a sort of emotional punch. That being said, nothing entirely profound makes itself known in the book either. This is a reflective book of poetry, as the author reflects on her own life and shares her experiences through words, and also reflects out to the reader themselves, as Loose’s words causes one to evaluate their own choices, and wonder what life really means.