Into the Night by Jerry J.C. Veit


nightWritten in three acts, Into the Night is a screenplay by Jerry J.C. Veit which follows the rip-roaring adventures of unlikely duo Valencia and Samuel. Into the Night takes place in England, 1325, and features a violent clash of rapacious enemies that ends up sweeping Valencia and Samuel into the mix. Samuel, a wanderer with no particular path or direction, finds himself suddenly paired with the direct and powerful Valencia, a woman with a tragic backstory. Together they traverse the dangerous landscape of an England infested with heartless barbarians and dogged vampires. Scenes of friendship, terror, and hope alike are strewn across the roadways of their journey as they fend off evil foes. Veit weaves a story in a screenplay format that alternately quickens your pulse and tugs at your heartstrings in Into the Night.

A quick-paced tale full of action sequences and clipped dialogue, Veit’s screenplay is readily accessible and easy to pick up. Both young audiences and older readers will be able to identify with the characters and be drawn into the plot. That being said, the screenplay is rife with vampire clichés and unbelievable feats of strength and skill shown by its main characters. The story, while structured as a classical screenplay, could also easily have been transitioned into a full-fledged novel, which would have the potential for snapping up readers who may not normally enjoy screenplays. There is a good deal of emphasis on plot speed versus character development as well, but regardless: Into the Night represents a colorful and exciting foray into medieval England populated by blood-thirsty adversaries and indefatigable heroes.

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