Is It Scary? By Aysha Al-Rowaished

Diana comes home to her childhood town to try to begin her life anew after losing her husband. Little does she know, the demons she thought she had left behind dead and buried, are very much alive. Diana is a newly widowed mother of three girls who are adjusting to living life in a small town. Janet and Sue are dueling teenage sisters trying to find their stride in a new school with new friends. The youngest, Whitney, is on the cusp of becoming a teenager and is constantly reminded of her youth by the other members of her family. Strong willed female characters are a staple in this story. Amidst all of the turmoil between the girls and the teenage angst they display towards their mother, something sinister is growing in their new home. To combat its affects the girls move to their grandmother’s, two houses down, leaving their mother to battle her demons alone. This proves disastrous. Tragedy strikes the already grief stricken family and the demons that come to haunt them threaten to completely destroy everything.

Is It Scary? By Aysha Al-Rowaished is one of those stories that catches you in the beginning and holds you until you get to the end. The story line was interesting and the writer made the plot believable. The characters were sufficient to tell the story, although they did seem somewhat superficial and lacked depth at times. The writing style was different and lent an authentic, genuine air to the story. The author chose a unique approach that allowed her to articulate her views without being overt.

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